Career Brainstorming

Being conscious of how our specific abilities and limitations fit with the world around us help us to boost our career potential.


How do we share and process information with others and within ourselves? Develop your ability to link your inner and outer worlds through expression.


Avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, and collaborating – What is my conflict style and why?

Digital Wellbeing

We live in an increasingly automated world. How is your digital engagement impacting your personal health and wellbeing? What are the benefits and risks?


Understanding internal biases is a social responsibility we all hold. How can we overcome these unless offered a safe space to unravel them?

Emotional Regulation

Do I catastrophise, over-generalise, get absorbed in comparisons or have an all-or-nothing mentality? Understand your default thinking patterns that do not serve you.


We are what we repeatedly do. Habits can hinder or help – understand yours.


If our identity is the sum of daily actions, choices and interests, who am I when these are ever-changing?


Knowing is not the same as understanding. How do I process and retain information? What techniques and skills can I adopt in my academic, professional and personal life?


Net-worth and self-worth are not the same thing. How do I relate to money and how can I learn to manage it responsibly?

Purpose & Motivation

Staying motivated is one of the many keys to success when trying to achieve our goals, but we also need to find purpose within them to stay motivated. What motivates you?


Our connections with others are crucial for self-development. The complexity of our relationships require perspective to fully realise our capacity for trust, stability and good communication.

Time Management

Being busy does not always equate to productivity. How can my calendar and to-do-list become friend not foe?


Values are our unique codes of conduct and a crucial element of decision making. Are certain values cultivated from your upbringing? Are others reciprocal? Identify your core values.


Our social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing are both inter-dependent and cyclical in nature. Take to time to reflect on your ‘wheel of wellbeing’ to identify what is being overworked or underworked.

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