Boundary Setting

Setting and respecting boundaries are the foundations of a healthy relationship. We provide the tools to help you to set and maintain yours.

Family Dynamics

How do we position ourselves in our family? What role do we each play and why? We help you to explore the connections and dynamics in your family, in an imaginative and collaborative way.

Fear Setting

Defining our fears helps us overcome the fear of making difficult choices and allows us to explore the cost of inaction. Can you define your fears?

Financial & Beneficiary Education

If I am a beneficiary of a trust, what are my duties? And how can I develop my own relationship with my advisors? Gain confidence on the basics of financial language and management.

Getting Organised

Being busy does not always equate to productivity. How can my calendar and to-do-list become friend not foe? We can equip you with the tools to feel more organised.

How We Learn

How do I process and retain information? What techniques and skills can help in my academic, professional and personal life? We understand that everyone learns differently, and we keep neurodiverse needs at the forefront of our approach.

Managing Conflict

Avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, and collaborating; what is my conflict style and why? Conflict is a natural part of life. We can teach you to manage your own personal approach.

Motivation & Procrastination

Staying motivated is one of the many keys to success when trying to achieve our goals, but we also need to find purpose within them to stay motivated. What motivates you?

Professional Skills

Preparing to take the next steps after school or university can be daunting. We offer a variety of practical and personal support to empower you during this transitional period.

Role Models

Recognising our role models can help us feel motivated but it’s important to put our own stamp on our identity and not just mimic others. Who inspires you and which of their qualities do you aspire to?

Telling your Timeline

We encourage you to tell the story of your timeline in a creative and safe environment. Choose how to frame your experiences, through events, time periods, people, and places that hold meaning for you.

The Importance of Values

Values are our unique codes of conduct and a crucial element of decision making. Are certain values cultivated from your upbringing? Are others reciprocal? Identify your core values.

The Psychology of Money

Net-worth and self-worth are not the same thing. Learn how our emotions impact our financial decisions and how to form a healthy relationship with money.

The Wheel of Wellbeing

Our social, emotional, cognitive, and physical wellbeing are both inter-dependent and cyclical in nature. Take to time to reflect on your own “wheel of wellbeing”.

Understanding Habits

We are the sum of our habits, so understanding why we repeatedly do or don't do something is important.

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