Areas of development

Our unique approach to mentorship focuses on four key areas that form the basis of our Curriculum.

We all have blind spots
You can do it, we’ll show you how
There's a leader within all of us
Relationships are built on understanding

Onboarding process

To understand more about how we can support your family or to see an example of a support plan, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are available for meetings in person and online.

Step 1

We start by meeting with you, the parent, guardian or therapist to hear your insights, the family history and any current or foreseeable challenges.

Step 2

We meet with your child for the same purpose, but also to understand their goals. We run our initial mentorship consultation, and when required, a risk assessment.

Step 3

We work with you and your child to develop a support plan, which will always include mentorship, but can also include: psychotherapy, family mediation, recovery support and academic support.

Further support

Our team and advisors can offer more specialised support as and where needed.

Family Dynamics

In most cases, holding a family meeting to bridge the communication gap and understand what is going on during the ages of 16-28 is enough to alleviate a parent’s concerns. Where necessary, we also offer family mediation.


Our in-house psychotherapists and counsellors work in collaboration with our mentors to provide a deeper level of introspection and support. They also conduct risk assessments and clinical supervision.

Recovery Support

For our mentees who have attended a treatment programme for their mental and/or physical health and are ready to return to education or work, we work with their treatment plan and to get them back on track.

Academic Support

From application to graduation, we can guide you through sixth form and university, from course selection, personal statements, open days, interview prep, module allocation, exam prep and dissertation support.

We are also experienced in managing extenuating circumstances and considering neurodivergent needs.


Our life-changing wilderness programmes empower our mentees to build confidence and embrace challenge.

Alongside our Adventure Specialist Chris and the Dallington mentorship and therapy team, we create unique solo adventures and group expeditions, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Amazon Rainforest and beyond.

Succession Planning

We recognise the significance of preparing the next generation of prominent families for their roles within the family business.

We run curriculum programmes and workshops that provide the necessary guidance and resources for our mentees to develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to thrive and effectively contribute to the continued success of the family enterprise.