Growth through Resistance

In the Biosphere 2 Project at the University of Arizona, scientists created and maintained a “mini-Earth”, a biosphere, the largest of its kind, to study plant growth and organic systems within a controlled environment. Despite the seemingly ideal climate within the Biosphere, the trees were growing at a faster rate, and would collapse before they reached maturity.

An important discovery was made: the failure to reach maturity was caused by the absence of wind in the trees' environment. The wind gives the trees strength. They respond to it by developing "stress wood", which allows the tree to contort and better position itself in its environment.

If the path for our children has no resistance, they are unable to learn how to adapt and become more resilient. As the wind empowers trees, we encourage our mentees to embrace the challenges they face in life.

Our team help to manage the environment that mentees develop and grow in, with a focus on both the genetic and environmental factors of their development. Every mentee is unique in their struggles, dreams, hopes and fears.

Without working through and learning from useful stresses, we as humans do not build up the strength to persevere, to “grow around” a challenge. This is the essence of what Dallington instils in its mentees.

Our Values

The core principles that guide and bring us together as a team.


To go beyond conventional ideas and approaches to get results that are lasting and impactful for our mentees.


If we can experience others' thoughts and feelings from their point of view, rather than from our own, we will always be able to create the best solution for that individual.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our clients, partners and each other.


To maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour. Valuing honesty and transparency in our communication, relationships and action.

Why the Stag?

The stag embodies a number of qualities in the way that they skilfully bound through the trees.

They are swift, sensitive, highly aware of their surroundings and protective of their family. Anatomically speaking, they lead with their heart.

All of these things are symbolic of the way that we work, as individuals, and as a team.

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