Psychotherapy is about making conscious the patterns that disable and limit young people - the ones that inflame either the individuals themselves or others in their orbit.

We bring curiosity to these patterns and with focused effort help young people come to understand them better, both in themselves and others. We help them respond strategically instead of reacting impulsively or holding back endlessly. We help to foster patience or striving as circumstances dictate, suffer appropriately but not excessively, and rejoice to the utmost when warranted.

We help young people grow, change, integrate, modulate, regard themselves accurately and free pent-up emotional energy in the service of creativity and mastery - in short, become their best selves. The reverberations go well beyond the individual, fostering richer and fuller family life, as well as functional and productive social lives, all with enormous ripple effect. Our work can help break the kinds of destructive cycles which, if left untreated, keep echoing through the generations.

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